Nonresident Pistol Permits… How to Get Yours!


If you’re reading this column, you likely have a pistol license issued by the state in which you live. If you’re lucky enough to live in one of the “Constitutional Carry” states, you may not even need to have a state license. Hopefully at some point in the future, having your pistol permit will be similar to having your driver’s license. When you’re driving and you get to your state line, you don’t have to stop. That’s not the case when it comes to handguns.

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9 Things to Know Before Applying for a Nonresident Pistol Permit

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NRA Cars for Freedom

As an NRA Women Official Partner, I am proud to share with you a new NRA Foundation program: NRA Cars for Freedom! A campaign that’s committed to protecting your right to bear arms through vehicle donations. Just as our Greatest Generation held scrap metal drives in defense of our freedoms, NRA Cars for Freedoms is encouraging gun owners across America to donate their old vehicles of nearly any type or condition in defense of the Second Amendment.

They will pick up your old car, tractor, boat, or motorcycle, free of charge. Your donations are tax-deductible and will be used to educate our country, protect your freedoms, and reawaken our American values.

Join our movement of community-minded patriotism and visit or call 1.866.NRA.GIFT. Help us spread the word on social media using the hashtag #CarsforFreedom.

The NRA Foundation has the grit to defend freedom. Give us the metal to do it.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Keeping Your Core Warm

Because you can’t plan an emergency, you should practice shooting year-round, even when it’s bitter cold outside. I find those semi-adhesive heat patches available in pharmacies for back and body aches work great to help keep your core nice and warm.

Pick up a few boxes whenever you see them on sale throughout the year and you will be ready to go when you need them.


TIP OF THE WEEK: Mechanic’s Gloves!

Pick up some “mechanics gloves” to shoot with when the weather turns cold. Because they are designed to be used by mechanics who need good dexterity of their fingers while working, they work well for shooting.

Depending on the brand, they also have a varying amount of padding in the palms, which absorbs some recoil, and the amount of grip they offer is perfect.