Gear Review: Cyndee’s Conceal Carry Purse “Ann”

“Ann” Cross Carry Caprieze Black Purse

by Annette Doerr / WeShoot2 Blog



MSRP: $275

Colors available: Caprieze Black, Harness Brown and Whiskey Magic Red

Cyndee’s Conceal Carry Purse – Ann

Over the past year or so, I’ve done over 15 concealed-carry purse reviews; because of this, I know what works and more importantly what doesn’t when it comes to a functional purse with a safe, separate compartment for your gun.

While I personally prefer on-body carry, I realize that it’s not always possible. Depending on the season, your clothing choice may not allow you to wear a belt with a traditional holster. Purse carry, when done correctly, can be a safe and reliable alternative. That said, I only purse carry cross-body, making it difficult for someone to remove my purse from my possession.

I was excited when asked if I wanted to review the “Ann” model from Cyndee’s Conceal Carry Purses. The first thing I noticed out of the box, was the smell. Leather! Gorgeous, black, buttery soft leather that smelled wonderful. Maybe it’s because I’m an equestrian, but nothing smells better than leather! You know it’s real-deal quality leather when you can smell it.

My friends know I’m not one to change my purses often. Once my contents are loaded in, they’re in the same purse for months. I like purses with storage and function. Cyndee’s “Ann” did not disappoint! The long, adjustable strap on the Ann purse makes it an easy transition from a shoulder bag, to a cross-body bag if I change to purse carry. The size of the bag (11 inches x 10 inches) is both small enough to be carried cross-body comfortably, but large enough to hold a lot of “stuff.” The adjustable strap can go from a shoulder length of 25 inches to a cross body length of 50 inches.

Every purse that Cyndee’s manufactures is made in America. They also ALL have a beautiful paisley liner. My purse has a gorgeous purple and black paisley liner, which looks awesome against the black leather. Several other color choices are available for you to choose.

All of Cyndee’s purses have a beautiful paisley liner!

The holster in Cyndee’s purses are a little different than those of other conceal carry purses. It’s fully adjustable to customize to your pistol. Secured with Velcro on both sides of the holster pocket, Cyndee’s holster has an adjustable thumb break that holds your pistol from sliding out of the holster itself. Once your pistol is properly placed in the perfect place for your draw, it stays put. To remove your gun, simply disconnect the magnetic thumb break and draw. The holster pocket is accessible by bilateral, lockable zippers. Cyndee’s recommends locking the side where your muzzle is. She also includes a Cyndee’s bag tag and recommends it be placed on the side of your purse where your pistol access is, that way you always know which zipper to grab should the need arise.

The bag tag shows you which side to unzip to access your gun!

Pros: Great size, soft leather, roomy interior, separate, lockable holster compartment, customizable holster to fit my concealed-carry guns, made in the USA, attractive styling.

Con: Non-reinforced strap (not slash resistant). That said, the strap is made from buffalo leather which is super tough, durable, and downright beautiful.

Overall: I really like this purse, both with and without my pistol in it. The interior has multiple pockets and a zippered section for securing your contents. Outside has 3 built-in pockets, 1 large full-length pocket on one side, and 2 smaller pockets on the other side, perfect for your cell phone, receipts, keys, or really anything you’d like to keep handy while on the go.

“Ann” has stood up to heavy use and the leather still looks like it just came out of the box. It doesn’t scream “conceal carry purse” which I really like! It’s a great high-end purse that will suit your needs whether you’re carrying in it or you’re not! It’s beautiful, functional, and comfortable to carry. It gets 5 stars in my book!


Even Breaking My Leg Wasn’t an Excuse to Not Train!

You know the saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” But what’s a girl to do when she suddenly breaks her leg right at the onset of summer? Dry-fire. Lots and lots of dry-fire.

Just a few days before I was supposed to start competing against the guys in my gun club in our new centerfire league, I lost a fight with an area rug and broke my right leg. While there’s no good time of the year to break a leg, the very beginning of summer is perhaps the worst.

Getting to the range was totally out of the question for the next few weeks, and because shooting is a perishable skill, I knew I needed to do something to keep sharp while I stayed seated and let my leg heal.

Here’s the dry-fire plan I developed to help keep my skills sharp while laid up. It can help you do the same, even if an important part of you isn’t broken at the moment.

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7 Things to Never Say to a Gun Girl

Carry a gun long enough and you’ll hear some really dumb things. Some are said by people who are either anti-gun or indifferent about guns and choose not to carry for whatever reason. Others are men gun owners and shooters, and should know better. They may mean well, and sometimes they think what they’re saying is hilarious. (Guess what? It’s not.)

They don’t get that we take our personal protection seriously, or don’t know that it’s a huge responsibility to carry a gun. They have no idea the hours and the money we spend on training, the classes we take, or the amount we read to become better shooters. Many would likely never understand all this because they just can’t wrap their head around the fact that I carry a gun.

I’ve heard some doozies over the years, as I’m sure you have. Here are seven of my favorites:

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Now that it’s the onset of summer, the need for deep concealment is more important than ever. In colder months, it’s easy to conceal a gun by carrying in a traditional inside-the-waist band holster and covering it with a nice roomy hoody or a flannel shirt. But once warmer weather hits, stripping off those extra layers means you’re no longer carrying concealed.

Fortunately, manufacturers have begun realizing this predicament. I attended the 2017 SHOT Show in Las Vegas last January, and not only did I see a lot of new clothing designed specifically for women on display, several manufacturers had also come out with garments that had holsters built into them—including clothing that’s designed to be worn next to the skin, beneath other garments. Because I carry on a regular basis, I was intrigued!

A few weeks after the show, I began reaching out to manufacturers to obtain samples for testing. What follows is a review of three very different options of what I like to call “concealed carry shapewear,” because not only do these articles of clothing have built-in holsters, they also will help flatter any figure.

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Gun Fear and How to Deal with it!

My latest is out on Range365.

It’s happened very often lately: I run into an old friend or acquaintance and they say, “Hey, guess what…I bought a gun!” Naturally, I’m happy and excited and ask what make and model. That’s where the conversation has often changed to a direction I should now be used to. It generally goes something like one I had recently:

“Well, I got a…Bodyguard? Yeah, I think that’s what it’s called.” There’s a note of embarrassment there.

I find out that the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard is chambered for .380. “Do you like it?” I ask.

“Well, it’s cute. I guess.”

I asked my friend what “cute” meant. Was it pink? Was it cute because it’s small? His answer was the same I’ve heard from different friends. He said it “looked good” at the gun shop, and the salesman recommended it, but he’s never shot it.

The first thing I do when I get a new gun is run to the range with it, so I make the assumption that my friend recently picked it up. “Oh. When did you get it?”

“Last March.”

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Dry Fire – Why You’ll Want to Make the Time

Finally, it’s spring. If you’re like me and live above the Mason-Dixon line, getting to the range this winter was almost impossible. Sure, we had some nice days, but we also had a boatload of snow on the ground, and I belong to an outdoor range. Two years ago, the first signs of spring made me regret falling behind on my practice over the winter, but not this year. I promised myself at the onset of cold weather that I’d keep up my skills with dry fire throughout those freezing months, and now that the snow has melted and it’s getting warmer, I’m sure glad I did.

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Gear Review: MantisX

As a firearm instructor, I often run across gadgets that claim to improve your shooting skills. There’s usually a lot of hype to get you to buy, but then once you do, you realize you’d have been better off spending your money on a private lesson with a professional.

So I usually look at new products fairly skeptically, as I did when I received an email late last year, telling me that the new MantisX Firearms Training System would be debuting at the 2017 SHOT Show.

I visited the MantisX booth at the show, and found that it was certainly was one of the most innovative and interesting products I ran across there. I asked for a sample to test, and found that it truly is a game-changer.

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The Thrifty Shooter 2: More Ways to Save Money at the Range!


If you’re involved in the shooting sports, you know how pricey they can be. From the purchase of your gun, to ammunition, to targets, it seems every time you turn around you’re reaching for your wallet.

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