The Gun Girl Gift Guide

Looking for suggestions for the lady in your life? Here’s a few of my top pics from Range365!

The Gun Girl Gift Guide



TIP OF THE WEEK: Keeping Your Fingers and Toes Warm

Want to keep your fingers and toes warm while shooting outdoors this winter? Disposable hand and toe warmers work great for cold weather range days!

Those little air-activated packets stay warm for upwards of 7+ hours once opened. Kept in your pockets, you can grab and hold the hand warmers whenever you feel yourself losing manual dexterity in your fingers because of the cold. As the toe warmers have adhesive on one side, you can stick them to the bottom of your socks (up by your toes), before putting your boots on. Your toes will be toasty for hours. I know with me, if I can keep my fingers and toes warm, the rest of my body does not seem to mind the cold as much.


I guess I’ll never understand..

Today, someone whom I have been friends with for years, said on FaceBook that she was about to “exercise her constitutional right and go to XXXXs Sporting Goods store”. She later posted a picture of a pink Savage rifle, stating “Isn’t she pretty?”

What happened next baffles me. So-called “friends” proceeded to post whatever was on their (closed) little minds. Things like:


     “OMG that’s the dumbest thing you’ve done yet..”

     “Really?? OYE!!”

     “Oh boy..”

     “Wow, that is possibly the worst idea you’ve ever had..”

Now I fully realize that firearms aren’t for everyone. But WHY do anti’s feel the need to bash and intimidate those of us who happen to enjoy them?  What ever happened to “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?”

I believe my comment is the only positive statement on her page so far, although someone did comment that “pink is pretty..”

Every time my vegan friends post, I don’t feel the need to tell them they should eat meat, or spew the benefits of a regular diet versus a vegan’s call RESPECT..and we’re losing it because of the anonymity of social media.

I can’t wait to meet up with her and her new pink Savage at the range someday soon. And I can’t WAIT to see her replies to them when she gets off work and checks her FB later..this should be good..