Range Games: Have Fun While Practicing Your Shooting Skills

Tired of the same old drills or unorganized plinking? Whether you’re shooting steel or just hitting paper targets, any day at the range can be fun. But did you know there are plenty of range games you can have a blast with while still working on your marksmanship?

Read about them here, in my Armed and In Charge column at Women’s Outdoor News, sponsored by LaserMax!




We took the plunge!

This morning, I upgraded myself and my husband to Lifetime NRA Members. The current promotion they had going on for the month of February was too good to pass up.

They apparently also have a special to upgrade all your family members for $1200, but that was a little more ca-ching than we could handle right now, so the girls will remain on their own, as NRA Junior members for now.

It’s been a cold, slow month..no shooting for me. I really need an indoor range!! Maybe I’ll break out Duck Hunt for Wii..it’s better than nothing..sigh..